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TeCNeT - The Company

TeCNeT is a company founded in 1994 by Holger Breter for TeleCooperate NeTwork Systems & Service mbH. Line of buisiness were conception planning, realisation, support and development of network (LAN = local area network, MAN = metropolitan area network, and WAN = Wide Area Network) as well as the development of salable processes and products in the segment of the ISDN technology. The tremendously growing number of internet provider resulting in the request for services opens a broad field of activity generating a reasonable part of the turnover of the company.

Today TeCNeT serves as full-range service provider in the section: telecommunication, data and internet provider.  Additionally In recent years our growth in the field of Research and Development was successful.

We define Services in telecommunication, data and internet provider as a combination of the available processes and technologies. We offer global Internetaccess via Satellite as 2-way and VOIP (SIP, IAX) as well as mobile DSL-Access via HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) at attractive terms. We construct and support telecommunication- and IT infrastructure. We offer restructured cable systems, telecommunication plants, safety technology and TV-plants for terrestrial and satellite reception as well as cable port.

Our  Research and Development   sector is active in the development of Hard- and Software within the scope of telecommunication, medical engineering (cardiac support systems), photo laboratory, and safety technology.

In cooperation with our partner in China Shenzhen hengjiale technology Co. Ltd. We design and produce electronic presents- and merchandising products .

The employees of our company work at headquarters in Berlin/Adlershof as well as in our branch office in Potsdam/Golm.

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