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Your internet presentation is not only implemented by us but we offer a variety of options perfectly tailored to your companies needs. For example the integration of different databases into your presentation, or updated statistics integrated in folders or subfolders. Whatever server operation system you use: LINUX, Windows NT or Windows 2000 we have the solution. This is important if the specific program you want to integrate in the presentation was programmed based on that systems.  
Our servers are naturally air-conditioned and with 34 Mbps connected to the internet Providing sufficient performance for hosting strong frequented online-stores as well as fast access on your presentation via “FTP-Protocol”. Of course our date security is on the highest available level.
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Web design


It’s a pleasure for us to assist your with your internet presentation. We provide you with full support when questions arise concerning technique as well as design to realize your vision.
Please keep in mind the difference between your company’s homepage and an catalogue designed to be handed out for future customers. Your homepage needs to be different in many aspects and demands. The size and scope are important. In contrast to a catalogue (already designed, prepared, and printed) a customer may posses, your company’s internet presentation needs to be easily found (placement) clear and well-structured, included pictures should be fast available and the information conveyed by the text must be informative without being unnecessarily lengthy. Because of the immense data jungle your presentation has to outstanding compared with others.


To be strategically sound, we need your product information, range of services, and the target audience. Added to these facts you provide us with the prevailing conditions and receive from us a draft of your homepage.

Next an examination of the expected time and resources is made. Your web presentation will be designed according to your individual requests. This results in:  Great recognition value of your internet presentation if it corresponds with catalogues already available from your company.


The program language „HTML“ is used because of it’s compatibility to the well-known internet browsers. Because of this, even those using older internet software are able to visit your presentation keeping the functions going as: correct colour, tables, pictures, graphics, and forms. The pictures and graphics from catalogues and flyers already prepared can be scanned and implemented into your internet presentation. It may be possible to use the data of pictures and graphics from CD. All pictures are retouched and formatted for internet usage. All phases of the design are visible for you. On a specific internet address on our server the actual stage of development is retrievable. 


We are authorized Intershop Hosting Provider and offer our services if you want to implement your personal Online-Stores based on  Intershop4 .

It doesn’t matter if you only offer a limited number of products or if you offer a great variety of catalogues and products. We configure the Back-Office, the installation of the product data base as well as any graphic restoration of the Storefront and product illustration.

If a connection to a ERP systems and the participation at electronic payment systems we are in the position and willing to help. To put it in a nutshell: From the idea to a working internet shop. Please connect here to receive a tailored offer for you.

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